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About Role Play

Ira Goldstein is an aspiring rabbi misguided by desire. Torn between a life of virtue and a need for affection, Ira seeks the companionship of a young prostitute. What he faces though, is a test of will.

Role Play tells the story of two strangers who forgot how to communicate, but who learn how to do it all over again through a revealing journey of self-discovery.

Produced by Stark Productions. Producer, director, and editor Paul Stark.
Written by Harlen Wall. Starring Harlen Wall and Heidi Tan. Director of Photography Richard Fiander.
Music by Kevin Fox and Jason Greenberg
Production Dates: 3 days (November 4, 5, and 16, 2005)
Completion Date: April 2006
Intended Distribution: Film Festivals / Broadcast
Length: 23:00
* Update:


"Audience Favourite Award"
(Best of Canada Short Film Showcase - Toronto, Ontario)

"Gold Remi Award"
(Worldfest Houston - Houston, Texas)

"Best Director Nomination"
(Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards - Sudbury, Ontario)

"Best Film Nomination"
(Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards - Sudbury, Ontario)


Production stills from Role Play
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