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Available on Netflix - The Short Stack Vol. 1

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Synopsis: Trevor stops at a gas station to fuel his truck, but remains stranded there in an unfortunate situation. For most people, gassing up is easy; for Trevor... it's a whole adventure!
Production Dates: September 13 - 14.
Actual Completion: November 31, 2003.
Intended Distribution: Various film festivals.
Length: 12 minutes.
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Paul Stark
"Shannon's Choice Award"
for "Best Director"
(MiniDV Festival - Hollywood, California)

Pavel Patriki
"Jury Award" for "Direction of Photography"
(New York Short Film Festival - New York, New York)

Stark Productions
"Jury Award" for "Best Short Drama"
(New York Int'l Independant Film and Video Festival - Los Angeles, California)

Paul Stark
"Silver Award"
for "Directing"
(WorldFest-Houston - Houston, Texas)

World Film Festival
(Montreal, Quebec)


GAS STATION - Official Festival Schedule
Film Festival Location Site Festival Date "Gas Station"
Screening Date
Awards /
MiniDV Festival Hollywood, U.S.A. www. Dec 12 - 14, 2003 Dec 12 (2:08pm) Best Director
NY Int'l Indie Film & Video Festival Los Angeles, U.S.A. www. March 4-12, 2004 Mar 6 (6:00pm) Best Drama
New York Short Film Festival New York, U.S.A. www. Feb 28, 2004 N/A Photography
WorldFest-Houston Texas, U.S.A. www. Apr 16-25, 2004 N/A Silver-Directing
NY Int'l Indie Film & Video Festival New York, U.S.A. www. Apr 22-May 2, 2004 April 24 (6:10pm) -
World Film Festival Montreal, Canada www Aug 26-Sep 6, 2004 Aug 27 (1:30pm)
Aug 28 (1:00pm)
Cinefest Sudbury Int'l Film Festival Sudbury, Canada www Sep 18-26 2004 Sep 26 (11:00am)
Ohio Independent Film Festival Cleveland, Ohio www Nov 7-14, 2004 Nov 13 (2:00pm)

Have a look at these stills from the film!
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